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Home on the Range

Inside, sweeping mountain and water views in the expansive, second-floor living area, newly renovated kitchen, and cozy sunroom are juxtaposed with intimate forest and garden scenes visible in the rear library and lower-level rooms. From every vantage point, you are hard-pressed to spot another house, thanks to Fasoldt’s thoughtful siting and the Fernalds’ 2005 gift of 86 acres at the summit of Bald Mountain to the Coastal Mountains Land Trust.

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Shingle Style Fantasy

In the 1880s, seasonal cottages with sweeping porches and asymmetrical rooflines began popping up along the Maine coast, their weathered-shingle facades appearing to grow out of the granite ledge. Dubbed “the architecture of the American summer” by Yale professor Vincent Scully, these “shingle style” dwellings were soon translated into year-round homes for local residents and today they remain as synonymous with Maine seascapes as pointy evergreens and pea-soup fog.

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