In her quest to furnish her new house, a writer discovers that Mainers’ trash is full of treasures.

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5 Items to Snap Up at a Vintage Shop

Home Decorating Guide

Forget theme — the secret to distinctive decor is knowing how to pull off a hodgepodge. These on-trend, timeless pieces will help you get started. We’ve all been awed by them — those talented homeowners who somehow manage to turn a tangle of styles, eras, and shades into a whole greater than the sum of [...] Read More

Selecting a Ceiling Fan

Ask a Lighting Pro

How effective are ceiling fans and what should I look for when shopping for one?

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A Green to Envy

Sponsored Content: Penelope Daborn Limited

Looking to refresh your rooms with an unexpected shade? Forest green is a natural. When nature creates its compositions, green is the one constant. The lush hue looks as elegant mingling with a riot of color in a wildflower field as it does in winter, when pointy evergreens punctuate the frosty landscape. Because we’re so […]

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Choosing the Right Area Rug

Sponsored Content: Bradford's Rug Gallery

Wondering about size, quality, materials, and more? Beth Ross, of Bradford’s Rug Gallery in Portland, breaks down the options underfoot. Being good, practical Mainers, Beth Ross’s customers frequently ask her to recommend an “indestructible” floor covering. Her facetious answer? “Tile.” But since they have stopped into Bradford’s Rug Gallery, the Portland store Ross owns with […]

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Curating a Collection

Sponsored Content: Littlefield Gallery

You don’t have to have an art background, or a voluminous budget, to appreciate and acquire works by Maine artists. Public school teachers turned gallery owners Jane and Kelly Littlefield lead by example. Twenty years ago, an acrylic seascape by Mary Bourke launched Jane and Kelly Littlefield’s sprawling contemporary Maine art collection. Their love for […]

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