Cushing, Maine

Why I Live Here


“We came by boat to Maine from Massachusetts 30 years ago. We had chosen Maine to retire.”

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Deepening Roots

A couple is restoring an ancestral farm through hard work and an unfussy sense of style.

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Looking Up

House Tour

For a Portland photo stylist, moving from suburban house to city loft brings a cheerful new perspective.

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Kate Christensen

The Money Pit

A harrowing renovation deepens a writer’s connection to her antique home and her adopted home state.

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Maine yurt living

Living in the Round


A Surry couple finds peace, and an intimate connection to their waterfront plot, in a pair of linked yurts.

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She Sells Seashells

Studio Visit

Ceramic artist Alison Evans crafts her organic, mollusk-inspired pieces in an airy studio within her Boothbay Harbor shop.

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Jordan Pond Gate Lodge

Photograph by Sue Anne Hodges

A Most Enchanting Roadblock

Historic Highlight

Grosvenor Atterbury’s Acadia gatehouse keeps cars out, beautifully.

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North Lovell Store

Photograph by Rachel Sieben

What’s In Store

Save This Place

First a dance hall, then a trading post, this landmark gathering place has a flexible future.

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