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For Sylvester Blackmore Beckett, “a man’s home is his castle” was no mere metaphor. In 1874, the poet and lawyer built a stone, Gothic-style summer residence with a three-story tower (which served as a navigational aid for ships) and masonry terracing suggestive of fortifications, on a bluff in Cape Elizabeth. Known as Beckett’s Castle, the house was among the first erected in what became the exclusive summer colony of Delano Park. True to the rusticator tradition, the home is elegant but not ostentatious on the interior, which features brick, stone, and paneled walls, painted timber-frame ceilings, a carved-wood balustrade, and gorgeous, pot-bellied kitchen stove. Artful window arrangements divide the water view into intriguing compositions and expansive rose gardens, which figured in books by the late Royal National Rose Society president Peter Beales, play up the palace vibe.

7 Singles Road, Cape Elizabeth


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