Cushing, Maine
“We came by boat to Maine from Massachusetts 30 years ago. We had chosen Maine to retire.”

We anchored in Maple Juice Cove in Cushing and, lo and behold, there was a For Sale sign on a waterside lawn. We bought the beautiful property the next day and moved to Maine the following spring. Our garage became a horse barn and neighbors laid a mooring for our boat. We have enjoyed this view from our back deck every day since. After moving in, we learned that we own the one acre that was sold off from the Olson House property [the subject of numerous paintings by Andrew Wyeth, including Christina’s World] when Christina and Alvaro Olson passed. Sassy, our horse, ran free in our field for 25 years and greeted every painter and visitor who came to the Olson House [now owned by the Farnsworth Art Museum]. She parked in the dooryard right where Christina always sat gazing out. We are blessed to have a home here with this history and view, and to be among the spirits of the past. — Linda Duffy

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