Why I Live Here

The view from Molly Walpuck's St. George kitchen

Channeling the Field of Dreams philosophy, civil service retiree Molly Walpuck built a new life in St. George and now they come — by the carload.

“My love affair with Maine began when we dropped our eldest daughter off at Colby College as a freshman. By the time our son enrolled four years later, I was head over heels. We closed on our property in St. George just before his graduation in 2016. I like to say we bought a view with two rundown seasonal cottages. Four years and two major construction projects later, I am happy to call this magical spot home. A recent civil service retiree, I now spend my days hanging out with my English springer spaniels, Maddie and Cisco, cats, Izzie and Tuck, working on house and garden projects, cooking, riding my Peloton, and volunteering at a local food pantry instead of fighting Washington, D.C., beltway traffic and wrangling with the federal bureaucracy. But the times I look forward to most are when I get to share the beauty of this place with family and friends. Channeling the Field of Dreams philosophy, I built it and, yes, they come — by the carload. Every morning though, in a full or quiet house, winter or summer, sunshine or fog, at high tide or low, I am grateful to come down to this glorious shoreline view.”


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