Why I Live Here

“Living on the Maine coast has long been a dream for my husband, Charlie, and me.

After raising our six children, we found the perfect place to make that dream come true in Brooklin. At first gaze, we fell in love with this property. In the driveway, we were greeted by graceful apple tree branches framing islands in Herrick Bay. In the side yard, soft ferns grow between flower beds and a necklace of buoys hangs at the far edge. A flat expanse of closely cut lawn, a croquet course, is hemmed by a row of brush lining the sandy shoreline. The house has an open floor plan with a large granite fireplace and an attached greenhouse space with a pool. Joe and Sharon Lendvai, the previous owners, designed and built the house and nurtured the property to its current state. On one occasion, I was fortunate to receive a croquet lesson from Joe, who took this photo. He shared the rules and method for wielding the Clarkpoint mallets. Charlie and I anticipate an annual showdown among our progeny. These are the traditions that link generations, and this magical place will surely bring them back year after year.”


Does your Maine home have a sweet view and a good story to go with it? Send a photo of the view from your porch, window, or yard, and a brief explanation of why you’ve chosen to live in this spot, to sarah@mainehomes and we may feature you.