Kennebunkport Maine

“I’ve been well known for my scenic photography of Kennebunkport for the last 26 years,

even though for most of that time Massachusetts was my full-time home. My family and I enjoyed a seasonal home in Kennebunk Beach, however, and Cape Porpoise was always my favorite place to photograph during our stays. So when we saw a listing for a beautiful old house — parts of which date to 1850 — on Langsford Road in 2010, we knew we needed to pursue it. From nearly every room, as well as three decks, we have expansive and stunning views from the head of Cape Porpoise Harbor to Goat Island Light; the home in the foreground is a summer camp that has been owned and used by the same Massachusetts family for a century. A year after purchasing our place, I retired from my job in Boston, then my wife retired from hers, and then, finally, we sold our Massachusetts home. Very simply, our life in this house, and in the wonderful community of Cape Porpoise, is so precious, we never want to leave.” BOB DENNIS

Does your Maine home have a sweet view and a good story to go with it? Send a photo of the view from your porch, window, or yard, and a brief explanation of why you’ve chosen to live in this spot, to [email protected] and we may feature you.

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