Why I Live Here

Mindi Poston Gay's Lincolnville garage/living space/studio

Mindi Poston Gay savors the Penobscot Bay view from her Lincolnville garage/living space/studio while she plans a home on the property.

“Seventeen years ago, my husband, Phin, and I found a charming home to rent near Lincolnville Beach. Every summer, we returned to that spot and dreamed of one day having a place of our own. In 2016, we met a local resident who was willing to sell us a parcel of land that was part of his family’s estate and our project began. Our initial goal was to create a modern, multi-purpose structure — part garage, part living quarters, part studio for our architecture firm — that could serve as base camp for a few years while we gathered our thoughts for a home design. We chose a simple metal-shed-roofed building with four glass bays that allow us to enjoy the delightful sea breezes. We love the flexibility of an entirely open floor plan and have found ourselves quite comfortable on extended stays. The exterior makes use of Japanese-inspired shou sugi ban charred-wood and stained-pine siding, while the interior brings an urban-industrial-gallery vibe with white walls and a tall black-painted ceiling. The décor is a mash-up of furniture styles and Maine-cabin touches in muted tones that allow the real gem — a sweeping view of Penobscot Bay — to shine.”


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