Why I Live Here


Anita Leadbetter's North Yarmouth porch

My husband, Charlie, and I, both native Mainers,

wanted to raise our family and horses — Farrah, a Welsh Cob mare, and Indie, an Arabian gelding — in a farm setting. We wanted our kids to have space to play and roam, while experiencing all the life lessons that come from raising animals, gardening, and taking care of the land. After a lengthy search, we found our dream property in 2015: a 60-acre hobby farm in North Yarmouth, located at the end of a winding dirt road with a pair of pristine barns and riding trails that meander along a riverbank. We call our farm Blueberry Fields because of the high-bush blueberries on the back acreage, planted by the original owners, who intended to open a U-pick operation. We now have three daughters, four horses, four ducks, a flock of guinea fowl, many chickens, a couple of Maine Coon cats, a barn cat, and a Labradoodle named Silas. Just before the pandemic hit, I left my job as an internal auditor to focus on the girls and farm full-time. It was a tough decision, but I am enjoying having more time to go riding, experiment with blueberry recipes, and absorb the view from our front porch, which might include the girls toting their favorite chicken in a toy grocery cart, guinea fowl wandering toward the door to beg for treats, or our mini horse, Princess Sugar Cookie, grazing in the shade of the big maple — on the wrong side of the fence! 


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