Why I Live Here

Lamoine, Maine

“This is a photo of this year’s summer solstice sunrise, taken from our dining room window.”

The sun is rising just to the right of Schoodic Mountain, which is our view every morning when we wake up in our home in Lamoine. My husband and I were corporate gypsies who had lived in six states before finally settling in Charlotte, North Carolina. We both grew up in northern New York near the border with Canada and we were never able to adjust to the heat and humidity of southern summers. We had vacationed on Bailey Island and knew that Maine offered the brilliant, cool summers that we remembered from our childhoods. We found our property in Lamoine, which is a beautiful peninsula with meadows and ancient apple orchards. With the help of Ellsworth architect Carla Haskell, we designed a home that makes the most of our spectacular view and is reminiscent of both the Shingle-style homes we loved on Bailey Island and the lovely old farmhouses that are found throughout Lamoine. This is our eighth summer living here and we have to pinch ourselves every day.Joanne Dodge

Does your Maine home have a sweet view and a good story to go with it? Send a photo of the view from your porch, window, or yard, and a brief explanation of why you’ve chosen to live in this spot, to [email protected] and we may feature you in an upcoming issue.