Property We Covet

Victorian Glamour

Property We Covet

Perched on a coveted Eastern Promenade plot, and constructed at a time when women wore full skirts and beribboned straw hats to the nearby bathhouses, this 1898 Portland farmhouse combines exquisite historic styling — elegantly detailed mouldings, doors, and fireplace surrounds — with tasteful updates in the kitchen and baths. From the rooftop deck, with its sweeping views of the Eastern Prom green, and the shimmering blue of Casco Bay beyond, it’s easy to see why Portland was a finalist in our 2017 Best Places to Live contest.

Patrons at the bathhouses at Fish Point on Portland’s Eastern Promenade on July 4, 1899; courtesy of the Maine Historical Society

22 Eastern Promenade, Portland


Status: Off-Market