Feel the Love

Rosy shades are all the rage this year — and Valentine’s Day offers the perfect excuse to put them (and some classic red) into practice.

Pollock-esque chocolates from Chocolate Passion
Photographed by Ryan David Brown

1. Portlander Catherine Wiersema’s Pollock-esque chocolates are almost too masterful to eat. $18/9-piece box (small hearts); $16/large heart.

Dagestan-Soumak wool rug from Bradford's Rug Gallery
Photographed by Ryan David Brown

2. We’re floored by the vibrant shades in this vintage Dagestan-Soumak wool rug. $1,550.


Allison McKeen's block-printed tea towels
Photographed by Ryan David Brown

3. Portland artist Allison McKeen’s block-printed tea towels are as playful as they are practical. $18 each.

Erin Flett heart glasses

4. Featuring hand-drawn designs printed with soy-based ink, there’s plenty to love about these Heart glasses. $54/4-piece set.

Maine-made blanket made with Polworth wool

5. Nanne Kennedy transforms the wool from her nearly 200 Polwarth sheep into super-soft Maine blankets on her Washington farm. $300–$600 each.

Michelle Shaw's Warm Love soap
Photographed by Mark Fleming

6. Gardiner-based Michelle Shaw’s earthy-glam Warm Love soap combines a traditional meditation scent with a glitter finish. $6.50 each.

Maine Woodworks Lottie chair

7. How’s this for a feel-good purchase? Sales of furniture, like the Lottie chair, from the nonprofit Maine Woodworks support locals with disabilities. $225.

Eliza Jane Curtis block-printed Valentine's Day greeting card

8. Cut-paper snowflakes Cornish designer Eliza Jane Curtis made as a kid inspired her intricate, block-printed greeting cards. $5 each.

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