Carvers Harbor, Vinalhaven, Maine

Why I Live Here

Why I Live Here

From the moment she first stepped off the ferry, Hallowell’s Libby McCullum knew she’d spend the rest of her summers on Vinalhaven.

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homes and studios belonging to celebrated Maine artists.

Behind the Canvas

Maine Places

Come be a fly on the wall (or, perhaps, a tree) on this rare tour of homes and studios belonging to 11 celebrated Maine artists.

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Architects Maria Berman and Brad Horn’s Vinalhaven home

Inside Out


On Vinalhaven, design ingenuity immerses a New York couple in their wild, waterfront plot.

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Greer Island, Vinalhaven

Greer Island can be yours.

Your Island Awaits

Real Estate

Private islands don’t come cheap, even in Maine, but right now you can snag one — or three!

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