May/June 2019

Belfast, Maine

Photograph by Douglas Merriam.

The Town Less Traveled


Tucked away from the hubbub, Belfast has splendid architecture, a booming arts scene, and a thing for wiener dogs.

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historic maine houses roadtrip

House Hunting


Want to see some of the coolest period architecture Maine has to offer? Grab a partner, and our guide, and hop in the car.

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Gardening in Maine

How Does Your Maine Garden Grow?


Don’t let our harsh climate intimidate you. Bright, colorful beds are easy to achieve with some simple precautions and an adventurous spirit.

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Biddeford Maine porch

Why I Live Here

Why I Live Here

“A Massachusetts native and Maine vacationer for 45 years, I always knew I would end up here.”

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floral items for your home

Looking Fresh


Timeless and oh-so-pretty, these botanical-themed pieces are destined to become perennial favorites.

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The Funhouse

House Tour

Visual thrills await around every corner in a Portland couple’s colorful, historic home.

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Amy Pollien's soft pastels

Soft pastels are on hand for capturing landscapes en plein air. 

Flowers in the Attic

Studio Visit

A look inside the studio where busy painter Amy Pollien creates her botanical still lifes.

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home maintenance advice

Home Rx

Ask Hannah Holmes

Hannah Holmes on finding a reliable homebuilder, Victorian bathroom habits, and more. 

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Maine's Restaurant scene, Dunstan Tap & Table

Dunstan Tap & Table. Photograph by Erin Little.

Feast Your Eyes

Architecture & Design

Three stylish new places to sip or sup.

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