Mindi Poston Gay's Lincolnville garage/living space/studio

Why I Live Here

Why I Live Here

Mindi Poston Gay savors the Penobscot Bay view from her Lincolnville garage/living space/studio while she plans a home on the property.

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the 1799 Federal in Lincolnville Maine that belonged to General George Ulmer

General’s Federal

Historic Highlight

A Revolutionary War vet who developed the Ducktrap area of Lincolnville lived here.

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Annie K Designs, Lincolnville

Photograph by Annie Kiladjian

Returning to Lincolnville

View of the Week

Interior designer Annie Kiladjian of Annie K Designs revisits one of her favorite design projects.

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Out of the Woods

Garden Tour

An expansive, serene haven emerges from decades of taming a stony forest.

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