view from porch in Edgecomb, Maine

Photographed by Instagram's lets_be_merry

Coffee on the Porch

View of the Week

Instagrammer lets_be_merry drinks in the view in Edgecomb.

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Inez Sherman home on Route 27 in Edgecomb

Getting to Know Inez

My Maine Home

Shortly after moving into their Edgecomb home, a couple realizes they’re not alone.

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outside of the house with lawn

Gale designed the gardens with the help of Back Meadow Farm, of Damariscotta, and it was her idea to use the dormer off Charlie’s office as a bunk room, furnished with beds from an unfinished furniture outlet.

The Sailors’ Nest

House Tour

They spent years getting to know their land as campers, so when it came time to build, they knew exactly what they wanted.

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