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Homey Things to Do in Maine This Spring

Places to Explore

Peek inside some of southern Maine’s finest kitchens, meet historic-house lovers, peruse vintage goods, and more.

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Capes for sale in maine

Capes For Sale!

Listings We Love

With their cozy, cottage aesthetic and practical features, these 18th-century-derived buildings are as “Maine” as it gets.

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David Lee's Storybook Cottage in Boothbay



See inside an otherworldly storybook home in Boothbay.

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Boothbay, Maine

Photograph by Susan Flaherty

Beautiful Boothbay

View of the Week

On a work trip to Boothbay to meet with the Knickerbocker Group, Susan Flaherty stumbles upon a hearty patch of lupines.

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