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South Portland ranch renovation

Ranch Revival

View of the Week

“We’ve renovated quite a few homes, but this was the first time we ever tried to transform a simple 1960s ranch. We didn’t have the budget to replace the siding, but adding a small front porch and a new door and windows made such a huge difference! And the shutters and window boxes gave it that added bit of charm! Now the bland, boring ranch looks like a charming little cottage.”

– Laurel of SoPo Cottage

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  1. Lori O’Brien

    Great work! It looks wonderful!

    One question: why do so many people put shutters on windows, when the shutters so obviously don’t fit?

  2. Marilyn

    Putting shutters on a blank home has always been my favorite update. Fortunately I’ve not seen too many homes with shutters that don’t fit, do you have a picture?

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