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South Lot Bar Island Road, Milbridge



Secluded in mature forest, this deepwater parcel presents an attractive home site opportunity on Bar Island within Pigeon Hill Bay. Easily reached by vehicle, Bar Island provides a true coastal maritime setting within a unique island neighborhood. The land is lovely woods, level, mostly dry and has an ideal elevation. Easy to access, building here should not present any major challenges. Along the shore you’ll find small pockets of gravel shore mixed with pink granite ledge and seaweed covered boulders. The shorefront is deepwater, affording mooring opportunity and all tides access for kayaking & swimming. Location is near to conserved lands & trails of Maine Coastal Islands National Wildlife Refuge and Pigeon Hill Preserve, while downtown Milbridge amenities are a 15 minute drive away. Active lobster fishing in the area lend an authentic Downeast feel. The neighboring lot is also for sale should you desire more space or have a friend in mind to build next door.

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