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45 Shell Road, Phippsburg



Rock Gardens has been a refuge for artists, writers, travelers, and anyone seeking relief and respite from the pressures of the wider world for over a century. Situated on an idyllic peninsula, bordered by the sea and shores comprised of granite and quartz, Rock Gardens preserves the sensibilities of summer resorts from decades past. From the sun-drenched lawns and gardens, to the dramatic shoreline and sunsets that light up both the sky and waves, the property has been a safe haven for all who visit. As soon as you step on the property, it’s clear you’ve reached a timeless escape. The 4.6 acre property features perennial rock gardens, raised vegetable beds, apple trees, pear trees, high and low bush blueberries, and raspberries. Breathe the air and unwind. A year-round home lies between the classic shingled cottages — well-constructed buildings that have weathered hurricanes, snowstorms, and generations of returning families. They have been carefully preserved and cared for throughout the lifespan of the Inn. In addition to the cottages and the grounds, a deep-water dock and moorings offer easy and direct access to the ocean and surrounding islands. A golf course, beaches and hikes are just around the corner. The next owner of this property will be the caretaker of a remarkable home, with a long history as both sanctuary and inspiration. Not just a home on the coast of Maine; Rock Gardens represents a connection to an artistic lineage, to a historical legacy, and to nature itself.

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