Historic Highlight

Pettengill Farm

Historic Highlight

Situated east of downtown Freeport and accessible only by foot through a mile-long wooded path, Pettengill Farm has stood hidden from the modern world for over 200 years. Built by mariner Aaron Lufkin, the circa 1800 saltbox sits on 140 acres overlooking the Harraseeket River and was inhabited by Mildred Pettengill until 1970. Now maintained by the Freeport Historical Society, the home remains without electricity, plumbing, and central heating. By appointment and on the first Sunday in October, visitors can climb to the second floor and take in mysterious etchings of ships and sea animals carved into the plaster walls.

Portland-based writer Julie Senk holds degrees in history and historic preservation and provides property surveys and architectural analyses to homeowners and businesses. To learn more about her work, visit northernvernacular.com.


  1. Judith Moore Harriett

    So surprised -my maternal grandmother Eunice married George Pettengill!! Wonder if this is same family, unusual name and they lived in Brewer, Maine.

    • Sarah Stebbins

      Wow, how cool Judith! I hope you are able to visit the farm and ask some questions. Thanks for reading.

    • Richard B. Hall

      It’s not an unusal surname in Maine .. “Pettingills” were everywhere in Maine in the 1800s.

    • Gordon Pettengill

      My paternal grandfather, Arthur Gooding Pettengill, grew up in Brewer and is now buried there, although he spent most of his life as an Unitarian minister in Portland. I wonder whether there is a connection to George?

  2. Barb H

    Is this who the Pond in Windham is named for/after?

    • Richard B. Hall


  3. Richard B. Hall

    Pettingill is a VERY common surname in Maine. It was most prevalent in the 1800s.

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