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Peace of Mind at Your Fingertips

With Marvin’s new smart home technology, you’ll never leave home wondering if you locked all the doors or left a window open again.

Marvin Design Gallery

by Caitlin Gilmet

It’s a dark and stormy night and the rain is falling in torrents. Power lines are whipping in the wind, branches are clattering to the ground — and you’re an hour from home, wondering if you left the bedroom window open.

When you’re away from your home, vacation home, or rental property, you want to know that it’s secure and operating efficiently. More than a quarter of Americans own at least one “smart home” product that allows them to control functions such as security systems, lighting, and temperature remotely by a phone, tablet, or computer. With Marvin Windows and Doors’ new Lock Status Sensor technology, you can now select windows and doors that connect easily and seamlessly with this home automation ecosystem. Check whether your windows and doors are locked and closed when you’re away. And when you’re home? Enjoy the only windows and doors on the market with a fully integrated sensor system, meaning there are no visible components to detract from your view.

Russ Tyson, principal at Whitten Architects in Portland, says home automation is appealing to today’s homeowners because it makes contentment convenient. “There’s a level of confidence in being able to monitor your home or vacation home while you’re at work for the day, or down in Boston, or out of the country,” he says. “We get a lot of surprise blizzards and nor’easters here, and the Marvin system allows you to check to see if there’s a window or door open from your phone. That’s just another layer of convenience and security in a well-designed home.”

Tyson says he specifies Marvin windows and doors for many of his clients because “we know that we will get an unmatched level of service, and that allows me to be super-confident in the product. Our local dealer, Marvin Design Gallery by Eldredge Lumber, is so knowledgeable. I know that they’ll stand behind their products and help us solve problems. This technology will help us to address interest in smart home security, which is especially important in many of the vacation homes we design.”

Marvin Design Gallery by Eldredge Lumber

Jeremy Bate, manager of Marvin Design Gallery by Eldredge Lumber, adds that his team works hard to stay up to date as technology changes, because Marvin is “always ahead of the game in terms of innovation.” He notes that the Lock Status Sensor, which is designed to be upgraded as technology advances, integrates seamlessly into home security systems, which may be hardwired or used with a wireless connection. Marvin’s engineering is also compatible with leading third-party home automation providers.

And because the technology is factory prepped and fully concealed, “there’s no aftermarket company drilling into your windows and no plastic covers that compromise the overall aesthetic,” says Bate. In other words, you won’t know the system is there — until those panicky moments when you’re trying to remember if you locked up, and you find peace of mind on your phone.

Marvin Windows and Doors

Start your research online at Marvin.com. Then visit Marvin Design Gallery by Eldredge Lumber to explore full-scale examples of how these windows and doors will feel in your home. Ready to talk window specifications and ordering? The experts at Eldredge are prepared to help you create the look you imagine with the industry’s newest smart home technology.

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