House Crush


Panoramic Perch

We’re crushing on this adorable wooden yurt.

“It was mud season when some friends and I decided to head to my family’s camp on an island in Penobscot Bay. As we plodded down our dirt road in the rain, we noticed a yurt I have passed many times, but this time it looked surreal. Surrounded by lush, damp red spruces and perched above a carpet of moss, with more moss growing on its roof, the relative newcomer looked as though it had been fully assimilated into the forest. I know from my neighbors that this yurt was built for an artist/ascetic nun, who lived there through several winters. Inside, a woodstove and simple furniture surround a penciled design on the floor, inspired by the labyrinth at Iona Abbey on Scotland’s Isle of Iona. Large windows and an oculus immerse you in the expansive woods, while allowing slivered views of the sky and pink-granite–edged bay. I was compelled to photograph the scene, with the goal of invoking its dreamlike quality and the sense that the structure had always been there.”Frederick Bloy, Boston