House Crush

South West Harbor Maine Post Office

Movie Moment

Our current camp crush was once a prop in a Stephen King miniseries.

During a weekend stay in Southwest Harbor for work, I decided to take an early-morning walk down the dirt road my cabin was on. My feet crunched on the gravel beneath me with each step. As I rounded a bend, I came face to face with a shingled cabin on a hill surrounded by forest. On one of the front windows, I could just make out the words “United States Post Office.” Later, I was told that the place is a former three-walled prop from the Stephen King miniseries Storm of the Century that was turned into a residence! But on this day, as light from the rising sun filtered through the evergreens, it was the cabin’s unassuming beauty that captured my interest. A simple photograph would communicate what I had daydreamed from the roadside: cozy nights under the stars, strong coffee in the crisp morning air, self-reflection, storytelling, and porch sitting as the days pass by this quaint little “post office cabin.”Max Ablicki, Biddeford

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