View of the Week

Great Diamond Island sunrise

Photographed by Britton Spark

Great Diamond Island Sunrise

View of the Week

Britton Spark stops to appreciate the sunrise and his parents’ hard work.

My family discovered Great Diamond Island on a Casco Bay Lines mailboat run when I was 11 or 12 and, shortly after, my parents decided to purchase this parcel of land. Over the next 20 or so years, I watched my father build this house and cottage from the ground up with his own hands. I’ve made countless memories here with my family enjoying company, views, and the wildlife that treks through our yard each day. While every season has its own charm, there’s no substitute for the way snow changes the landscape. On this particular morning, I found myself standing in the driveway completely in awe as I looked across the water at Pumpkin Knob Island in the distance. The combination of the sunrise, clouds, and snow was hard to look away from. Views like this make me appreciate, more than ever, the vision my mom and dad had for our family decades before this picture was taken.Britton Spark

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