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Futuristic Farmhouse

Property We Covet

A classic Maine aesthetic meets efficient construction techniques and net-zero energy consumption in this gracious home, available as a building package from BrightBuilt Home. The proposed 1,750-square-foot modular structure, slated for construction in Yarmouth’s new 35-acre Village Run neighborhood, offers an open floor plan, passive solar heating, solar water heating and electric systems, and energy-efficient appliances at a reasonable price — the start, we hope, of a new wave of sustainable, attainable design.

Dogwood Lane, Yarmouth


Status: Available

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  1. David Foster

    It’s an affront to the vast majority of Mainers to use the word ‘attainable’ to describe a house that costs $654,000. It’s the upper 5-10% of Mainers who might be able to afford that, which is what makes calling it attainable so ridiculous.

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