View of the Week

Freedom House B&B

Photograph by Rachel Loomis

Freedom House Bed & Breakfast

View of the Week

A graphic designer helps her parents update their Maine B&B.

My parents were living in northern California when my Dad’s long job search left them wondering what was next. Their dream of owning a B&B became a reality in March and it’s been an incredible journey ever since. I work in Boston and have been driving up to see them and help make updates to the house and adjacent cottage for the past few weekends. I snapped this photo this past Tuesday morning as I was getting into my car to drive back down to work. We were hoping spring was coming, but a freak snowstorm kept us inside all weekend with a fire blazing! Rachel Loomis

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  1. Sandra Schultz

    Love the stories you incorporate with lovely views in Maine, my favorite state to visit!

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