Historic Highlight

Daniel Walker House

Historic Highlight

After the close of the American Revolution, the shipbuilding industry in Kennebunkport was booming and development was on the rise. Among those building was Captain Daniel Walker, whose grand 1784 home on Maine Street was designed in the gabled central-chimney style that was prevalent during the Colonial period. Today, the house is seen as exceptional for its keyblock window lintels and ornate entryway, both of which are likely later additions. Walker is also linked to two other notable houses in town: a 1799 Colonial on Pearl Street constructed for his daughter, Phoebe, and son-in-law, Nathaniel Lord, who went on to build the circa 1814 Federal-style Captain Lord Mansion on Pleasant Street.

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  1. Steven A Burr

    It should always be noted when an old house has been gutted and rebuilt, nothing in this house exist from 1784 except the frame. I believe in cases like this a new date should be assigned to the house!

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