View of the Week

Beach house near Long Sands in York Maine

Photographed by Tiffany Mizzell

A Cheery Beach House

View of the Week

Photographer Tiffany Mizzell takes a walk down memory lane near Long Sands Beach.

Growing up in Eliot, I spent most of my summers on York beaches. I have lots of fond memories of this town. Last year, while living in a winter rental in York Harbor, I would often park my car and walk along Long Sands Beach. This particular house has always been a favorite of mine. The vibrant painted shingles, window boxes, and even the fire hydrant, coordinate. I picture families soaking up the sun on the wraparound porch and eating local ice cream while watching the foot traffic on busy summer days. If you can believe it, the house looks even sweeter on a snowy winter day!Tiffany Mizzell

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