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Sea Change

Home Building

Height requirements and insurance premiums are rising along with the water levels in Maine’s flood zones. We asked architect Kristi Kenney how homeowners can prepare for the next round of regulations. For many, the Maine dream culminates with a waterfront home. But surging water levels effected by climate change can add challenges to owning a […]

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Have Your Flat Roof and Your Snow Too

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As the snow begins to fall here in Maine, I’m reminded of just how much our building technology has evolved from the primitive hut informed solely by functional necessity to our modern abodes informed by convenience, luxury and nearly infinite choice. The very notion of shelter is linked to the image of a roof over our […]

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Knickerbocker Group

Team Building

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What happens when pros traditionally ensconced in different worlds work together under the same roof? Architect Rick Nelson and construction manager Steve Berger of Portland and Boothbay-based Knickerbocker Group hash out the advantages of the design-build process.

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Quality Control

Home Improvement Tips

Ben Block of Block Brothers Custom Cabinets in Searsport discusses the benefits of custom casework and dispels the myths. (Hint: It’s more affordable than you might think.)

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East Meets West


Landscape architect William Carson Joyce of Edgecomb brings eco-friendly design and a clean, SoCal aesthetic to Maine.

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The Secret Lives of Houses

Got 100-year-old shoes in your walls? Beneath layers of wallpaper and dropped ceilings lie clues to your old home's hidden story.

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Portal to the Past

A Maine Antiques Shopping How-To

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Find Your Maine Style

Authentic Maine design is not one style but many. What they all have in common is a strong sense of place. Here are four expressions of this aesthetic.

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8 Rules for a Maine Garden

Lessons from a quarter-century of Down East soil under southern fingernails.

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