House Crush

log cabin in Kingfield, Maine

Morning Glory

We’re loving this log cabin in Kingfield.

I had been trying to capture the sunrise in Kingfield for a while and was finally able to make it work on a Saturday last year. I awoke to a 5:30 alarm and drove to a family friend’s camp on a hill overlooking town. It had been a stormy night and there were trees down on the old logging road that leads to their spot. I got to the location just in time to set up and start capturing the sunrise over the valley. Then I walked around the glistening, dew-covered field to see if there were any other compositions that grabbed my eye. The thought of capturing the camp itself never occurred to me until I walked down to the base of the hill and looked back up. The sunrise was casting a beautiful golden hue on the trees and camp and accentuating all of its rustic touches. Something about the scene was just too peaceful not to capture and share.Ethan Eisenhaur, Portsmouth, New Hampshire