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Owls Head cottage

Beach Beauty

Property We Covet

Framed in the windowed front door of this Owls Head cottage, the sea sparkles like a sapphire in an amethyst setting. Inside, wraparound windows showcase a wide swath of Penobscot Bay studded with Sheep and Monroe Islands in the foreground, and North Haven and Vinalhaven beyond. On the other side of a rosa rugosa hedge that runs the length of the yard is sandy Crescent Beach, a little-known gem that was once home to an inn whose guests arrived by steamboat. Now the beach is mostly owned by summer folks who inhabit quint cottages like this one, designed with an open plan and whitewashed palette that allow the view to shine. Love the tasteful layering of colorful and neutral furnishings? They’re included in the asking price!

86 Bellevue Street, Owls Head


Status: Available

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    • Sarah Stebbins

      It’s so true Judy. I have a pretty obvious soft spot for old houses, but I would live here in a heartbeat. Thanks so much for the comment.

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