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Greens Island home

Photo courtesy of ReMax/Shoreline

Artist’s Residence

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window view

stone fireplace
living room

On Greens Island off Vinalhaven, this artist’s summer place looks like a coastal Maine incarnation of a gingerbread house. Weathered shingles and clapboards, lichened rocks, and mismatched windows interspersed with stone mosaics decorate the gabled facades. Bits of bright-blue sea glass, inlaid on the masonry stoop, point the way indoors, where the artist, who crafted the home himself, set an intricate metal firebox and rustic wood mantel into a massive, central stone chimney. On one side of the hearth is a cozy, wood-paneled living space. On the other, he carved out a soaring, timber-framed kitchen-dining area with rust-colored wood floors and a mint-green pot-bellied stove that pick up the colors on the exterior trim. Overhead, a gem-like octagonal window provides filtered light and one more storybook detail.

2A Greens Island, Vinalhaven
Status: Available

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Photos courtesy of RE/MAX Shoreline


  1. Linda Alperin

    A delightfully quirky cottage!

  2. Michelle Gibson

    I can honestly say that this is the most beautiful house I have ever seen in any of the DownEast magazines. The only thing that I would do if this were mine would be to plant hens and chickens in between some or all of the rocks on both sides of the house. It would add a little bit of color. The owner is a genius. It’s a magnificent home, inside and out! Thank you for showing it.

    • Sarah Stebbins

      Thank you so much for the kind words, Michelle! I was bowled over when I found this place and still can’t quite believe it’s real. I love your idea for planting between the rocks. Sounds like you would be the perfect steward for this property — ever think of moving? 🙂

  3. Crsig

    Should show pictures ofworkshop, depth of water for boats and distance travel to town.

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