8 Striped Picks For Your Home

Nautical is nice, but on chilly days we’re loving the way these broad, richly hued stripes stack up.

striped, glazed earthenware plates
Photo by Tara Rice

1. Portland ceramicist Soozie Large’s glazed earthenware plates hit the spot. $45 each. shopmainecraft.com

cotton striped tea towel

2. Former farmer Hilary Crowell, of Wiscasset, was dreaming of spring produce on the winter day she designed her cotton Celesta tea towel, named for a vibrant variety of radish. $45. thecultivatedthread.com


whisk broom
Photo by Tara Rice

3. Crafted from broomcorn and metallic jute cord, Yarmouth-based Robert Sheckler’s hawk-tail whisk broom makes cleanup an art. $50. instagram.com/redmondphilbert

striped wool blanket
Photo by Tara Rice

4. This supersoft blanket reflects the colors of woods, wetlands, and fields on the Washington farm its wool is harvested on. $650. getwool.com

striped mugs

5. Portland’s Louise Bilodeau stripes her earthenware mugs with deeply pigmented glazes inspired by Cape Elizabeth’s Fort Williams Park. $34. luluceramics.com


striped sachets of balsam-fir, cedar, and lavender

6. Swans Island Company’s balsam-fir, cedar, and lavender sachets are stitched from blanket remnants in its Northport studios. $20–$30 each. swansislandcompany.com

striped cotton pillow

7. Heavyweight white denim and all-natural dyes band together on this graphic cotton pillow. $115. hellohuestudio.com

maple, walnut, and cherry striped butcher block
Photo by Tara Rice

8. Locally sourced maple, walnut, and cherry create an artful geometry on this Gardiner-made butcher block. $275; purpleshedww.com