8 Pretty, Earth-Friendly Products for Your Home

Reusable and/or compostable, these chic, Maine-sourced products make going green look pretty darn good.

cloth napkins by local makers
Photograph by Clayton Simoncic

1. Ditch paper for cloth napkins by a local maker (clockwise from top left): $36 for 4.; $25 each.; $20 for 2.; $45 for 4.; North Circle Studio, $22 for 4.

Poketo’s reusable, compostable salad plates

2. For next-level picnics, invest in Poketo’s reusable, compostable salad plates, made from bamboo fiber and cornstarch, and printed with food-grade ink. $40 for 4.

beeswax-coated-cotton plastic wrap alternative by Abby Sennett

3. Abby Sennett makes this beeswax-coated-cotton plastic wrap alternative on her family’s 250-acre Albion farm. $7.

Rifle Paper Co.’s stemless wine cup

4. Perk up your firepit game with Rifle Paper Co.’s stemless wine cup. $29.95.

Amphitrite Studio’s Newcastle-made linen bowl cover

5. Like a shower cap for leftovers, Amphitrite Studio’s Newcastle-made linen bowl cover fits dishes between five and 12 inches. $16.

Swedish dish towels, by Jennifer Judd-McGee

6. Swap artful, washable Swedish dish towels, by Northeast Harbor’s Jennifer Judd-McGee, for paper towels. $6.50.

SoulShine Soap Laundry Stain Stick

7. Crafted in Michelle Byram’s Hampden home, the Laundry Stain Stick removes spots with coconut oil, rather than chemicals. $5.

Strawesome’s colorful glass straws.

8. Portland banned plastic straws and so can you, with Strawesome’s colorful glass straws. $8.50 each.