6 Gorgeous Handmade Mugs by Maine Artists

Nothing against your Big Hug Mug, but wouldn’t you rather stock your shelves with local art? Beautiful to look at, with shapes and textures that make them satisfying to hold, these Maine-made vessels are as comforting as a proverbial embrace.

Maine-made mugs



    I already get Down East magazine, although we live and work in Virginia, as my husband is from Cumberland County. When we visit we like to spend as much $ as we can in his home state. Would you be kind and let us know the location and name of the artists or just the store in Camden where we could purchase some mugs? Three sisters in Maine and two more in Maryland could use gifts!!

    • Abby Hilt

      Hi Jean! If you click on the stars that appear next to each mug, a window will pop up with the name of the artist and a link directly to their website where you can see where their studios/shops are located and/or order the mugs online. We hope you enjoy your next trip to Maine!

      • JEAN ADAMS

        Many thanks!!

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