2021 Maine Homes Gift Guide

For this year’s roundup, we went straight to our favorite source: local makers. And, boy, did they deliver. From candlesticks to kids’-room décor to kitchenware, we present 25 clever ideas for the design lovers on your list.



textured-porcelain vases by Elizabeth Benotti

1. Inspired by ripples in the ocean, Eliot ceramicist Elizabeth Benotti’s textured-porcelain Ebb & Flow vases are stirring with or without flowers. $68–$144.

Tether Made cotton-rope coasters and baskets

2. Eliot’s Bernadette and Michael Spear design their cotton-rope coasters and baskets and Bernadette’s mother, Norma Jeane Vela, sews them on her Steuben farm. $45 for 4.

Always Piper double-sided linen throw

3. Portlander Caitlin Mushial stitches her crinkly double-sided linen throw from European fabric and fringes the edges by hand. $145.

pinched-porcelain bell chime by Rachel Herzer

4. Hang this pinched-porcelain bell chime by Portland’s Rachel Herzer on a covered porch or near an open window to hear its soft song. $28.

porcelain Triangle planter by Process Goods

5. Anna Queen, of Rockland’s Process Goods, casts her faceted porcelain Triangle planter in a 3D-printed mold. $30.

melamine-coated birch tray by Sara Fitzgerald O’Brien

6. Put a bow on tabletop piles with York illustrator Sara Fitzgerald O’Brien’s melamine-coated birch tray. $22.

linen table runner by Katrina Kelley

7. Made from strong natural fibers, Newcastle seamstress Katrina Kelley’s linen table runner is designed to last for decades. $58.

walnut-and-brass candle holders by Studio 89 and Danica Design candles

8. Matte and shiny meet on walnut-and-brass candle holders by Nondas Iacovou and Melissa Fuller, of Scarborough’s Studio 89. $70–$160. Pop in tapers by Rockport’s Danica Design. $5–$7.

Alice Yardley mini pouches made with Angela Adams fabric

9. Portlander Alice Yardley’s mini pouches, sewn with Angela Adams fabric, put a stylish face on makeup storage. $30.

Sarah Madeira Day deckled-edge watercolor cards

10. Give Cumberland painter Sarah Madeira Day’s deckled-edge watercolor cards and receive an artful thank-you note. $30 for 6.



customizable handmade dolls by Kate Tallberg

11. Warren’s Kate Tallberg was stitching and selling masks last year when the idea for her customizable handmade dolls, available in a range of skin tones, hairstyles, and outfits, struck. $118.

whales flag garland by Nina Devenney

12. Rockland artist Nina Devenney’s whales flag garland features canvas squares printed with her watercolor art and the mammals’ scientific names. $50.

geometric paper mobile by Nicole Svenson

13. Gem-like adornments on this geometric paper mobile by Nicole Svenson, of Portland’s Occasional Papercraft, add sparkle to a modern nursery. $60.

Lobstah claw by Patriot Baby Toys

14. Topsham’s Drew Hughes works at a marina by day and carves maple baby rattles like the Lobstah claw, inspired by the birth of his son, in the evenings. $22.

Woodland muslin quilt from Emmy + Olly

15. Falmouth watercolorist Allison Chavanelle started her stationery-and-linens line, starring this bamboo-cotton Woodland muslin quilt, during her boys’ nap times. $56.

Metamorphosis giclée print by Erin Flett

16. Decorate with flying colors thanks to Gorham designer Erin Flett’s Metamorphosis giclée print. From $25 (unframed).

Maine lobster-rope swing

17. Braided-nylon fishing line on this Rockland-made Maine lobster-rope swing creates a sturdy seat for kids — and fun-loving adults. $55.

beeswax candle-making kit

18. With wax sheets and organic hemp, Eco-Kids’ Gouldsboro-crafted beeswax candle-making kit has everything youngsters need to roll out seven birthday-cake-size tapers. $8.99.



porcelain scalloped plates from Campfire Pottery

19. Westbrook ceramicist Kristen Camp and food photographer Jenny Bravo’s flower-like porcelain scalloped plates come in a bouquet of earthy shades. $42.

A-Frame old-fashioned glasses, etched by Benoit's Design Co.

20. For conjuring cozy upta-camp vibes, these A-Frame old-fashioned glasses, etched in Westbrook by Greg and Christina Benoit, are letter perfect. $35 for 2.

screen-printed cotton strawberry and lemon tea towels from Freckled Fucsia

21. Portlanders Chandlyr Jackson and Kalli Roebelen’s screen-printed cotton strawberry and lemon tea towels are a visual feast. $19.50.

cutting board by cabinetmaker Ben Block

22. When Northport cabinetmaker Ben Block posts new cutting boards on his website, they sell out in minutes. Follow @blockbrotherscc on Instagram for details on the next release in late November. From $175.

hand-forged iron heart trivet by James W. Kearney

23. Serve fresh-from-the-oven meals with love with Washington blacksmith James W. Kearney’s hand-forged iron heart trivet. $50.

small mod platter sets by Jim Schatz

24. As place settings or serving plates, stoneware small mod platter sets by Boothbay Harbor’s Jim Schatz bring a Mondrian-esque vibe to your table. $300.

brass serving knives by Erica Moody

25. Metal fabricator Erica Moody hand-forms brass serving knives and other utensils in her Waldoboro barn and donates 10 percent of sales to a different cause each month. $67.