1959 Chevy Viking Bus Gets a Hippie-Chic Makeover

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A rusted-out relic takes a second spin around the block as a vacation home on wheels for a Falmouth family.

Photos by Trent Bell

Bus at a Glance

Who lives here: A family of four has made this part of their vacation home

Location: Falmouth

Size: 91 square feet

Designers: Will Winkelman of Winkelman Architecture and Vince Moulton of Vincent Moulton Interiors

After finding an old Chevy van rusted out in a field, a family of four had a quirky idea: turn the van into a guest house and cozy camping place on their property.

Photo by Winkelman Architecture, original photo on Houzz

Before: This is the rusted-out brown-and-white 1959 Chevy bus before it received a fresh coat of mint-green paint.

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Photo by Trent Bell, original photo on Houzz

The family brought in architect Will Winkelman to gut the van and redesign the interior to include a bathroom, sink area, eating booth, and two long benches that fold out into a bed.

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Photo by Trent Bell, original photo on Houzz

“We worked with this really great carpenter who has a background in doing cabinetry and working in boats,” Winkelman says. “He has expertise in fitting things to small spaces.”

Photo by Trent Bell, original photo on Houzz

Tony Jose of Linekin Bay Woodworkers did the millwork, adding beautiful salvaged quarter-sawn oak flooring and a water closet and vanity, as well as benches and booths with storage underneath.

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Photo by Trent Bell, original photo on Houzz

The designers put every space in the cozy 91-square-foot van to good use. Along with storage underneath the benches, they added shelving overhead. They rewired the van for electricity and installed rustic-chic lamps and sconces that were designed and made in-house at Winkelman Architecture. The team brought the van back to working order without having to replace its original design elements, which add to its boho charm.

Photo by Trent Bell, original photo on Houzz

A roof rack enables the family to bring kayaks along on outdoor adventures.

Photo by Trent Bell, original photo on Houzz

Boston interior designer Vince Moulton took on transforming the interior. “Vince was part of the design process from the beginning and created the great hippie-Moroccan feeling with the layers of pattern and beads,” Winkelman says.

Photo by Winkelman Architecture, original photo on Houzz

Moulton softened the wood interior with paisley motifs, beaded lampshades, vibrant teal cushions, and an array of eclectic throw pillows, creating a luxurious home on wheels.


  1. Timothy J Keating

    Very interesting! Very creative! And it still runs Too?

    • Sarah Stebbins

      I believe it does! It’s kind of a toss-up for me, an Airstream or this rehabbed bus. 🙂

  2. Carmen Stephens

    Great rehab of this old bud. Friends in Fl.did this to an old Prison bus. They drove it out to Utah to see us. Biggest bus I’ve ever seen, but cozy too.

    • Sarah Stebbins

      That is amazing Carmen! If they ever move their bus up to Maine let me know. I’d love to cover more of these.

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